Client Love:

Working with Tanya has been one of the best decisions my soul has made since awakening. Her ability to hold space for my authentic self exploration and healing made my work with her feel natural and effortless, like a rose opening to bloom in the spring. The clarity she offered me has set the stage for the beautiful life I’m creating. I can not begin to articulate the magnitude of how expansive my heart feels after our work together. Her spirit and its gifts are invaluable to the world and the Feminine Collective. I’m so grateful that she has been a part of my journey - it’s because of her that my heart feels confident and equipped in stepping into my role as a healer.
— Ashleigh
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I want to say thank you from the deepest part of my heart. I am emotional this morning and I also feel FREE.

I feel lighter, as if a deep hurting burden has been lifted, the headache is gone and the overwhelming need to be grateful and appreciative of what I am experiencing now.

The tears are flowing unchecked, I am smiling through them and I can breathe so much easier - I feel like a globbed up marshmallow.

Thank you for giving me what I needed - a need I didn’t even realize was there. I thought I had dealt with all of it a long time ago especially after I left the situation but obviously, I held on to a lot of it! I feel free to love again unconditionally and to be truly happy with myself and the world I want to create.
— Bev
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