In the spring of 2017, I began working with a healer who told me I was extremely sensitive to energy. At her suggestion, I began the certification process to become a Reiki Healer.

After completing my Master & Teacher Level training, I began to perform distance healing sessions for some clients - but something happened that I had never experienced before.

During the very first healing session I performed, I realized I could actually “see” into my clients’ energy and bodies. I could see what their energy looked like, what blocks were occurring in their lives, and what was causing these blocks.

I could also see illness, pain, disease and knew what was causing these - and I knew how all of these things were connected to everything that was happening in my clients’ lives.

Effectively seeing, hearing and knowing everything that was happening to and for my clients, I also began communicating with spirit guides and angels and channeling messages from spirit.

At this occurrence, I knew immediately that I was meant to use my intuition & spiritual gifts to help others, and so, I immediately scrapped my 12 year career as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach to pursue Healing and Spiritual Teaching.

my ultimate why…


 I love seeing women become empowered in themselves to follow their truest dreams and desires for their lives.

From my background of living with severe depression, constant anxiety and several suicide attempts - I never felt like I was “good enough” or truly worthy or deserving of what I wanted and what I saw for myself and my life.

It took me 18 years of gruelling deep inner personal work and spiritual development to get to the place where I am today, and to be in this space where I know that I am divinely supported in everything that I do.

And to know that I am worthy, deserving and so much enough to pursue anything and everything I could ever want to do.

It is my truest intention to bring this sense of divine grace, peace and empowerment and to teach other women how to love themselves, respect themselves and their boundaries, to have faith and belief in themselves, and to pursue the highest aspirations they have for their lives.

My mission and my honest fulfilment in this lifetime is expressed when I’m able to teach and empower other women to show up for themselves in a way that makes them so proud to voice their truth and their genuine authenticity.

Because from here, from that place and with that energy within yourself, you are unstoppable.

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other fun facts about me…

1) I used to compete in Fitness & Bodybuilding shows at the national level here in Canada.

2) I have a B.A. in Art History & Film.

3) I studied classical ballet for over 10 years, and wanted to be the Sugar Plum Fairy when I grew up.

4) I will never leave home without - gum, chapstick, a pen, and my epi-pen.

5) I got baptized into the Anglican tradition when I was 31.

6) I love EVERYTHING Coconut.


My Teammate :)

If you’ve been following me on Instagram for anything length of time, you will have already met my super cute sidekick/work mascot Buttons.

Buttons is an 11-year old Pomeranian, who is constantly by my side. And if you’ve had a session with me, you may have seen her sitting in my lap on our calls, or asleep at my feet in my office.

Perpetually happy and smiling, this little critter is an angel who loves cuddles, naps, (easy) hikes, and will eat anything that hits the floor ;)

Life without her wouldn’t be the same as any dog-owner knows, and if anything, she’s taught me how to slow down & open my heart to love more than I ever thought possible.


Client Love:

A few months ago, I was introduced to the concept of coaching, and more recently introduced to energy healing. Both have had a huge impact on my life, in ways that I never could have imagined. I launched a business a year ago, and, while I was seeing success, and enjoying my new business, I was still struggling.

Through coaching and energy healing, I have come to understand that I was holding myself back from the freedom and success that I so desired. The energy healing sessions were peaceful and impactful. Each week, I would end my sessions feeling like I was breathing new air, and I was looking at the world with new eyes.

Coaching has provided me a support unlike any other in my past, supporting me through my blocks, while holding me accountable in those areas of life that need action. Both the energy healing and coaching have been integral in helping me break past fear, and find confidence in trusting my intuition.
— Liz