And Now For Something New...

Some very sage words of advice have been reverberating around my mind for days now...

“it didn’t matter if no one else got me, because for the first time, I got me.” (paraphrased from @thediaryofanempath)

And that is how I have been feeling these past few days - so aligned within myself, even if I’m still a bit rattled with anxiety, even if I’ve been second guessing myself. And even now as I still don’t know how all of these pieces come together as a whole - business wise.

I’ve been terrified of announcing this because I’ve been so concerned with what people would think of me, and scared that they wouldn’t “get me” or this work that I’m putting out here now.

Because for the last 2 years I’ve been known for energy guidance work, and for healing, (which I will still be honouring) but I cannot stifle this part of myself any longer - my Spirit is scraping and clawing at me to get out, and my heart is bursting and pushing me to move forward.

It’s the pull, the nudge, from myself that I’ve been resisting for so long now - because to be honest I didn’t know how it fit, or where it fit, or even what to do with it.

But back in January, a piece of my Self was opened up.

It was opened so wide, and so deep, and it begged me to dive into it.

It asked me to question things about myself that I have turned a blind eye to for so long.

It poured ideas into me, and made me ravenous for adventures of the mind, and of the soul, and of the body.

It gave me a hunger for something so much more, a creative outlet ready and waiting to be used, and a space for everything - all of my thoughts, ideas and questions about life itself - to turn this into something so much more than myself.

A place where my words can become healings in their own right.

Where others can find solace in the sacred space of this poetry & prose.

And passages that provoke, acknowledge, and question our selves and what it means to be on this sacred journey that we call life itself.

We are fundamentally human, but with a Spirit that implores us to search deep and knowingly into who and what we’re meant to do and be in this lifetime.

And so, on July 12th, I’m releasing this piece of myself out into the world.


Is a collection of short essays, excerpts & poems written to feed the Self & nourish the Soul.

In its contents you’ll find pieces that awaken the spiritual being that you are - and request that you dig deep within yourself to come to terms with who you are, why you’re here, and what you’re meant to do in this lifetime.

Its passages are meant to give you hope, meaning, and the depth that you’ve craving, so that you can move into a more knowledgeable understanding of yourself as the sacred being that you are.

For more information & details please email me at or contact me here