Creating Sacred Spaces Within Ourselves

Creating Sacred Spaces

The words ‘sacred space’ have always been a concept or an idea that I have come back to – and that is the space that resides in all of us – that deep inner space, that we must re-align ourselves with now and again, or that we must dive deep into in times of rebirth and transformation.

But what is a sacred space?

A sacred space can be any kind of space.

Perhaps you’ve seen images of personal altars, meditation cushions, crystals, sage and glowing candles, but a sacred space doesn’t have to include anything or anyone.

And a sacred space doesn’t even have to be a particular place, or one that we return to over and over again.

A sacred space is anywhere we come to find ourselves.

It can be a ritualized morning meditation time.

It can be a space enshrined with candles, crystals, incense and sage.

Or it can be a yoga class.

It may be your favorite chair where you curl up with a book.

Or even, your morning coffee before anyone else is awake.

It can be a silent prayer.

And it can also be you – just you.

You with everything you are right in this moment, and everything you sometimes wish you weren’t.

My intention for the meaning of sacred space is just that, a place where we can come to find ourselves.

No matter where we’ve been or where we’re going.

No matter how easy life seems to be in this moment, or how difficult it feels at times.

Honoring our sacred spaces, and honoring ourselves as sacred spaces means giving ourselves the opportunity to live with everything that this life is.

Without shame. Without guilt. Without worry. Without fear.

 Which is very easy to write and say, and so much harder to do on a day to day basis.

And that is why we must come back to ourselves daily, to ourselves as sacred and to our sacred spaces and renew what the concept of what sacred means to us, individually.

Because, my definition of sacred is not the same as yours.

I encourage you to find your own definition of sacred.

To search for it, to study it, and to discover it for yourself.

That is where your work begins, in finding the sacred within yourself, and then nurturing that part of until it takes over and grows into the whole of you.

For when we finally discover that each and every part of us is sacred, we learn that everything else in this universe is sacred as well.

I hope you’ll continue along this sacred journey that you’ve begun here, in this moment. And if you’re already ambling along on your spiritual path, I welcome you to dive deeper and embrace fully the spirit that lies within the deepest parts of you.      

In Grace & Peace,

xo. Tanya