Don’t underestimate your potential because your gifts aren’t yet where you want them to be. 

They take practice & courage to move through and to hone, and you can’t hone them or practice them if you don’t start NOW. 

Speaking about them to others can often be scary. And that’s because we sometimes can’t put words to what it is we actually do, or can do, or what we see, hear, know to be true, and feel. 

We let others doubt us because we doubt ourselves.

And that’s gotta stop, NOW. 

Honing a craft is not simple or easy or quick. It takes time and patience, and it takes trust in yourself to inch your way forward with every little next step that comes to you. 

You just need to take action on your guidance that’s being given to you. 

That’s all you can do. 

And TRUST in the process laid out before you. 

Changing the world will never be easy, but one by one we’re here to do the work to do just that. 

To speak our truths, to awaken others, to help heal, activate & empower those of us that still need to be shown the way forward. 

TRUST that you have a mission and a purpose here. 

Because we all do. 

And this year is all about taking action and moving forward with our purpose and our missions. 

In Grace & Peace,

xo. Tanya