Guided message for the lunar eclipse & week of 07/15/2019


Today you may feel like..

We want to light things on fire,

And burn bridges.


Not completely anyway. 

There is a vast difference between upleveling yourself with this new eclipse energy, and burning bridges with people, places, things, which you may need to call on in the future.

You will know the difference between what you are “done” with and that is no longer serving you - and what is just frustrating at this point, but know you shouldn’t give up just yet. 

There is a new/newest version of you rising, and calling you out to be the person you’ve been envisioning for the last 7 years. (I say 7 because that’s when a lot of us started with this wave of awakening that we’re in) and you saw a version of yourself that you wanted to become. A vision of a future self - a higher self, that felt like she’d “arrived”. 

You are getting close - so close to her now - and you can feel it. You feel it all the way in the depth of your bones. 

And you want it all now. And they - the universe and your guides - understand this - they know you want this so badly and have wanted this so badly for so long, and they know you’ve been working so hard for it. 

You’ve made massive changes in the past 2 years and they’re all so proud of you and how far you’ve come. 

And they’re asking you to hold on just a little longer - because that BIG thing that you’ve been hoping for and working for and envisioning for yourself is just around the bend. 

It’s just a matter of you waiting to receive it now. It’s totally on its way. Some of us will be receiving this in the next month or so - I see July & August being big months for some, while others will come into their thing by October/November. 

It has more to do with how steady you’ve kept your eye on your vision, and not given up hope on it. 

The more you believe, the quicker it will manifest in your reality. 

Don’t doubt for a second that it cannot be yours - because it CAN. 


Trust and believe in us (your guides and spirit team) we’re making things happen for you now. 

In Grace & Peace,

xo. Tanya