Common empath questions #1


The easiest way to differentiate between your own emotion and those from another is by looking at the corresponding thoughts & physical symptoms of the emotion. 

If for example, you're experiencing racing thoughts ALONG WITH the physical symptoms of anxiety, then the emotion is likely your own. 

But if you're experiencing ONLY the physical symptoms of the emotion - then the emotion is likely coming from a source outside of yourself. 

Because as an empath, you FEEL the physical symptoms of another's emotions within your own body. 

This is a very basic, and simplistic way of at looking and identifying your energy in accordance to another’s, and there are many more ways and aspects that can come into play - but this definition and tool will get you started & headed in the right direction when you’re looking at how to identify your own energy vs. someone else’s, or how you can identity what is yours and what’s not. 

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