Guided Message for the week of: 08/07/2019

It’s been a minute since I’ve shown my face around here...

I didn’t intentionally take a break, it just sort of unfolded that way.

Last week & this week, I feel as though we’re all feeling this call to step back a bit. And that we’re enjoying some time of solitude with ourselves.

Resetting our minds & our focus. Concentrating on the things we’d like to prioritize, instead of spending hours mindlessly scrolling.

We’ve been taking the time to live a life off social media, or not feeling compelled to post every detail of our lives.

And (for me at least) it feels refreshing.

I hope if you’re feeling this too that you take the guidance being given to you now to step back.

Without worry that you’ll miss out, or lose followers, or that your business will suffer (if you have an online business).

Because that’s just a limiting belief that you’ve played into – and social media does have a way with playing with our minds.

And if you’ve been called to step back off social media lately, or have been feeling that pull to do so...

It means there’s something within yourself that needs the time and space away from the online world that needs your attention right now.

It’s a time of introspection for us all, as we move through this month and see that everything has come full circle for us since last August, and the great energetic wave that that brought us.

Perhaps ask yourself what has happened for you in the last 12 months?

What have you experienced, how have you grown?

What major themes did the last 12 months bring up for you?

Now more than ever, we as a Collective are trusting our guidance more and more to help us through and transition into the spaces we need to be.

And using that guidance to be ever more intentional of what we give our focus to, and what we allow to influence us as well.

It’s in this reflection that we find solace & confirmation that we’re on the right path.

That we’re doing and showing up for the work.

That we’re learning, growing, and following our guidance and whatever breadcrumb steps are being offered to us to move us ever forward and teach us just how we’re unfolding in our spiritual journeys & life.

*As I wrote this out – my ears began ringing so loudly, and I know that‘s a clear indication that this message is important for us all to hear today :)

In grace & peace today.

 xo. Tanya

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