There Is A Goodness That Is Inherent Within All Of Us

There is a goodness inherent within all of us

I spotted this Flower of Life symbol a few weeks ago on a stroll through the downtown core of the city that I live in.

I didn’t think much of the symbolism at the time, perhaps coincidental or synchronistic because a few days later I found myself reading “Waking Up in 5D” by Maureen J St. Germain, where she speaks about sacred geometry at length. And I myself have always felt this weird inner pull towards sacred geometry - especially the triangle and all of its associations to the different sacred trinities.

My life is imbued with meaning like this every day, almost moment to moment actually - as I’ve found myself occupying more of my 5D self, and the 5D realm more consistently.

Things do not happen by mere coincidence anymore, and everything, every nuance is linked or connected to the next moment of my life.

In fact, even just today I opened my email this morning to find free downloads from a graphic design group which included sacred geometry designs for me to use - prior to which I had been contemplating using a sacred geometry symbol as a new logo, but couldn’t decide on one. And there it was already in my inbox this morning - free for my use!

I write & share this because, as we move more into our 5D selves - occurrences like this will be so much more prevalent and we need to be aware (& awake/conscious) to realize just how connected we are, as well as the vast opportunities that the Universe is holding for us - ready for us to take, and to use.

The past few months have seen us, the Collective, moving through many changes. Upgrades in our physical bodies and our energies, that we are noticing more and more.

We are becoming more attuned to tuning into our own selves and accessing our own energy for guidance and advice, and although there is much to learn just yet, we are adapting and learning very quickly along the way.

I myself, have stepped back from reading astrology or using other types of guidance tools when it comes to understanding what is going on for me. Instead, I’ve been listening to myself and leaning ever more into my own intuitive gifts, building them up, making them stronger, and making me more connected than ever to myself, the Collective, and the Universe itself.

As I sat the other morning tuning into my higher self, I was guided to spend time with her, and spend time writing with her. I asked her what she had to say to me, and this specific message came across for this week. I leave it here, without editing it, and I hope that it serves you in the space you’re navigating through this week…

She has to say that there is a goodness inherent within all of us. A Light that cannot be broken, and will not be broken, and it’s high time we learned how to connect with that light within us.

Not just as empaths, or as awakened ones – but as people.

To find that groundedness and that centeredness within all of us that we have been searching so long for – because he or she or they exist within each of us – we merely must go on the hunt to find them, to unearth them, to dig them back up.

Because they were once with us – that tiny aspect of ourselves as we were once young and naive and self-centered enough (in a good way) to know ourselves so completely.

But somewhere along the trajectory into adulthood we lost sight of them. You can call it your inner child if you’d like – but it’s not entirely that – for it encompasses so much more of yourself.

It is your Being.

Your complete essence.

And very few of us have a grasp on who that is, and what that entails within each of us – because we are all so disempowered. And I say that because, and in the way that, we all continually have work to do on ourselves. And that we have yet to truly embody the fullness and the wholeness of ourselves.

Teach them that. Teach them this. Teach them this light within themselves that can never go out, can never be extinguished, can never be hidden – unless they hide it from themselves, and the world, consciously of their own making.

And this has nothing to do with the masculine or the feminine, or the roles we play in society (because we all have our parts...) but it is more about us as individuals, and as a Collective, and as a unity, a unification of energy/energies.

We are all whole, because we are all one.

And it’s less to do about chakras, or astrology, or any of those things, and it’s more to do with our wholeness, and our oneness, together.

Because that’s what we’re all inherently searching for...

Is our wholeness.

Go out in search of that.

Of that great beast within you – that connects you to everything and everyone else.

Because that is not only your greatness, your power, your beauty, etc., but it is also everyone else’s as well.”

In Grace & Peace.

xo. Tanya