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Currently I offer 6 & 12 Week Healing + Coaching packages for Empaths, which include 1 x Healing Session per week + 1 Hour Coaching Session per week.

If you’re considering working with me 1:1, please fill out the form below to see if we’d be a good fit for working together.

From there, I’ll be in contact with you to schedule an initial assessment call, and we’ll go from there :)

xo Tanya

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Client Love:

Coaching with Tanya was a little bit like have a weekly tea date with a great friend. A friend that understood me inside and out... so much so, that when I needed someone to call me on my shit, yep, she had that covered! She was the eyes to my heart when fear was blocking me from seeing my truth. She was real and down to earth, and yet so very universal and intuitive. It’s hard to sum up exactly the impact she had on my life because it encompassed so much more than what I thought it would. Goals and aspirations. Hard truths and serious dreams. Relationships, personal life and professional possibilities. Seriously grounded and head in the clouds - - all at the same time! She encouraged me to spend more time getting to know one of the coolest people I have met... me! What better gift to offer another?! She has got a heart made for creation and a soul already there.
— Lane